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EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center

Our stakeholders play key role in the life of the city. Namely: Municipality of Debrecen City, University of Debrecen, Cívis Ház Corporation.


If we do our best, Debrecen prospers, jobs are created in a viable, modern city, inhabited by people ready for the challenges of the 21st century.


Working on interesting professional fields in a good team, confidence can be established with the entrepreneurs of Debrecen, the city hall, the University as well as other technical and non-profit organizations.


It is (also) worth settling down here in Debrecen, starting a family or individual life by participating in the local economy and urban development.

Our Activities

1. Economic Development

Supporting local companies:

• so that the enterprises in Debrecen can thrive on the national and international markets

Investment promotion:

• so that more and more companies can settle down here creating jobs and welfare in the city

Development of a Startup ecosystem:

• so that Debrecen can provide all the conditions to establish a next Microsoft

Cooperation platform:

• Professional cooperation with the University of Debrecen on the field of the economic development. Establishing an Open Innovation Center

2. Urban Development

  • Preparation and management of projects to be implemented in the 2014-2020 European Union budget period
  • Establishment of the Urban Project Center: screening of project ideas for the Municipality then submitting the project proposals to the decision-makers
  • Preparing and updating EU regulated urban strategies
  • Operating the local office of the international Europe Direct Network, in Hajdú-Bihar County

3 Business Development

Business Development Service office:

• Inclusive growth in Debrecen.

• Providing complete services covering the whole application procedure: communicating application possibilities and development resources, support services (banking, composing the application, financial advisers) to the contractors.


• Our main task is to develop and increase competitiveness of local businesses. Business Development Division of EDC Debrecen can provide effective expert and advisory activities for businesses to solve problems.

Business database:

• In order to benefit from resources efficiently, we aim to understand the business needs, therefore we prepare a database concerning businesses located in Debrecen and in its surroundings.

Project idea data storage:

• We survey the project ideas of clusters, companies and organizations, and facilitate the establishment of their partnerships in order to help them to get involved successfully in innovation activities in Debrecen.

4 Smart City

  • The conception of Smart City Debrecen is to create an intelligent, innovative, viable, effective, sustainable, smart, healthy and prosperous city
  • To achieve this goal we are developing a mutual strategy with our partners such as the Municipality, industrial companies, nonprofit organizations, public services, consultants, the University and international organizations
  • Supplying the management tasks of the strategy and the projects of Smart City Debrecen
  • Building national and international partnerships

Let’s build Debrecen together!

We are looking for
future colleagues.

Open jobs

All applicants are required to have/be able to

1. University degree

2. Knowledge of English language:

  • Work together with a non-native Hungarian colleague effectively
  • Gain experience, knowledge and inspiration from the activities of foreign towns and cities, based on the functions of EDC
  • Cooperate with foreign organizations and companies
  • Draw up documents of good quality in English

3. Advanced use of Excel:

  • Understand the logic of data processing and the use of Excel
  • Use the basic formulas of Excel routinely
  • Open to learning


Applications are to be submitted for the positions below:
  • A temporary position with an emphasis on a particular task
  • All tasks should come from one direct manager
  • Delivers pre-aligned set of tasks
  • Within his fields of expertise makes own decision based steps towards the company goals
  • Comes up with professional proposals for the purpose of the company
  • Accomplishes analysis based on data for his tasks
  • Cooperates with professional partners
  • Assists the senior team (preparation, organization, alignment)
  • Prepares, aligns and later manages complex projects
  • Proactively handles issues, opportunities and involves his superiors
  • Professionally communicates with the management and external partners (short, crisp, action-oriented, well-designed both in oral and in writing)
  • Effectively use management methods
  • Delivers professional analysis for decision making
  • Manages his team
Senior expert
  • Business owner of a broader area
  • Creates and owns strategy, projects, measures in his field
  • Entirely owns all the business measures in his business
  • Participates in broader leadership team
  • Represents the company on his business field
  • Both professionally and morally recognized by partners

Download the Application form and read about the selection process




Contact Information

EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center
4031 Debrecen, Széchenyi Street 31.
Phone: +36 20 353 3663

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